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We support the adoption of Innovation, Agile Practices and Process Improvement techniques through high quality professional courses and certification

About Us

We are a team of dedicated professionals with many years of experience in Technology, Agile, Service and Project Management sectors. What makes the educational experience with us so special?

  • Sound knowledge of the topic
  • Interesting real-world scenarios we show in our courses and workshops
  • The latest trends covered in each training

We believe that a practical approach with a good theoretical knowledge ensures success of any modern organisation. Stay many steps ahead of competitiors by betting on quality training courses for your team today.

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Right professional courses are the best way to boost your team performance to the next level

Make sure you take well-informed decisions to have everything under control

Agile Practices 100%
Innovation 100%
Internal Processes 100%
Metrics 100%


We offer a wide range of trainings for everyone interested in Agile, Innovation and Process Improvement areas. Have no previous experience? No problem! We have foundational level trainings where you can get all the basic knowledge to be ready to explore more


Check our Agile Metrics Ecosystem Training Program to learn more about metrics in Agile environments


We offer short workshops where you can get hands-on experience with different aspects of Agile Practices

Found no courses that suit your needs? No worries!

Our team can help you tailor any customised training course or workshop that meets your specific needs

Meet the team

We aim to deliver the best educational experience. Our outstanding professional teaching skills at your service

Yury Ialtanskii

Co-Founder/Faculty Director

Agile Expert/Practitioner with 9+ years in Technology sector

Leonardo Pinto

Co-Founder/Faculty Director

Agile Coach with 20+ years in Agile, Project Management and PMO coordination


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Buenos Aires, Argentina

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